Election Contests and Ballot Measures

November 2, 2010 Virginia General Election


Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election. Likewise, some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.
US House of Representatives
Member House of Representatives 1st District
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Krystal M. Ball - D
Glenda Gail Parker - I
Robert J. "Rob" Wittman - R
Member House of Representatives 2nd District
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Kenny E. Golden - I
Glenn C. Nye - D
E. Scott Rigell - R
Member House of Representatives 3rd District
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John D. Kelly - I
James J. Quigley - L
Robert C. "Bobby" Scott - D
C. L. "Chuck" Smith, Jr. - R
Member House of Representatives 4th District
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J. Randy Forbes - R
Wynne V. E. LeGrow - D
Member House of Representatives 5th District
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Jeffrey A. Clark - I
Robert Hurt - R
Tom S. P. Perriello - D
Member House of Representatives 6th District
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Stuart M. Bain - L
R. W. "Bob" Goodlatte - R
Jeffrey W. Vanke - I
Member House of Representatives 7th District
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Floyd C. Bayne - R
Eric I. Cantor - R
Rick E. Waugh, Jr. - D
Member House of Representatives 8th District
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J. Ron Fisher - GI
James P. "Jim" Moran, Jr. - D
J. Patrick Murray - R
Member House of Representatives 9th District
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Rick Boucher - D
H. Morgan Griffith - R
Jeremiah D. Heaton - I
Member House of Representatives 10th District
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Jeffery R. Barnett - D
William B. Redpath - L
Frank R. Wolf - R
Member House of Representatives 11th District
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Gerald E. "Gerry" Connolly - D
Christopher F. Decarlo - I
David L. Dotson - L
Keith S. Fimian - R
David William Gillis, Jr. - I
Referendums and Ballot Measures
Question 1 - Exempt Property
Shall Section 6 of Article X of the Constitution of Virginia be amended to authorize legislation that will permit localities to establish their own income or financial worth limitations for purposes of granting property tax relief for homeowners not less than 65 years of age or permanently and totally disabled?
Question 2 - Property Tax Exemption For Principal Residence Of A Veteran
Shall the Constitution be amended to require the General Assembly to provide a real property tax exemption for the principal residence of a veteran, or his or her surviving spouse, if the veteran has a 100 percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability?
Question 3 - Revenue Stabilization Fund
Shall Section 8 of Article X of the Constitution of Virginia be amended to increase the permissible size of the Revenue Stabilization Fund (also known as the "rainy day fund") from 10 percent to 15 percent of the Commonwealth's average annual tax revenues derived from income and retail sales taxes for the preceding three fiscal years?
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